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Meet Shrub & Co

Shrub & Co was born out of a desire to bring unique ingredients to a wider audience. Along with many bartenders we’re passionate about bringing shrubs back to your glass, it’s an amazing way to deliver flavor. 

Achieving balance and bright flavor with minimal ingredients is a challenge we embrace. We craft our shrubs from four basic elements— fruit, cane sugar, vinegar, aromatics. All are made with non-GMO ingredients and many are certified organic by CCOF.

Our shrubs are recognized for being fruit-driven and exceptionally well balanced, not too sour or sweet. Created for cocktails, our flavors remain pronounced and discernable when mixed with a broad range of base spirits.   


What’s a Shrub?

Shrub [shruhb] noun 1: A slightly sour cordial made with fruit, cane sugar, vinegar and aromatics. 2: Fruit-vinegar syrup traditionally paired with seltzer to quench thirst. 



A delicious liquid that captures the essence of fresh fruit — to be enjoyed without regard to season.

Peaches with bourbon in December? Absolutely. 

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Why Vinegar? 

Vinegar brings a distinct tangy bite that balances the sweetness of fresh fruit. Vinegar works much like citrus in your drinks — providing an alternative acid. Vinegar quenches thirst, cleanses the palate and is very refreshing.


How to Enjoy

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Alcohol Free

In an ice-filled Collins glass, pour 1 ounce shrub and top with club soda. Experiment with other non-alcoholic bases; such as tea or kombucha. Get creative and garnish with fresh herbs or fruit.

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Traditional Cocktails

Depending on how fruit-forward you prefer your cocktails, we recommend anywhere from ½ – ¾  oz for each 1 ½ - 2 oz pour of a base spirit. If you’re serving tall, you may need an ounce.


Low Proof Cocktails

½ - ¾ oz shrub combined with lower ABV base such as fortified wines (vermouth, sherry), liqueurs or bitters.

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Sparkling wines, beers and ciders

¾ oz per glass, or to taste.